Giving up a Dream

Well I almost did it again.  I almost got angry and overwhelmed based on my own feelings and my own perspective, with no consideration for his.  I decided to do some cleaning and rearranging of things in the home office.  I began to get angry when I looked at the assortment of electronic equipment that seems to have no purpose, yet I was the one stuck dealing with them.

I had to physically stop myself, take a deep breath and say out loud:  ‘these items may be a pain in my backside at this moment, but they are a physical representation of his lost dreams’.  When he collected them, they had a purpose in his mind and in his heart.  He has now decided that he can’t keep all his dreams, so some of these will have to go.  It was a very sobering moment, and it was very hard to remind myself that I am the one who needs the work.

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