The Deep Freeze

Well, our little corner of the world has joined the rest of the Nation in weathering this fierce blast of cold.  School is out tomorrow…a rare weather day that is usually reserved for avoiding hurricanes, not the cold.  There are the usual calls for checking on those who are elderly or living alone, or who may not have the resources to keep as warm as they should.  Everyone is advised to stay indoors if possible, to avoid the risk of exposure to the severe cold.

I have seen many people on social media post that they are setting up ‘nesting’ areas for neighborhood stray animals.  It may be on the porch or under a carport, but these ‘rest stops’ provide a spot with a blanket, food and water for vulnerable animals who are just passing through.   In addition, I hope that those who have nowhere to call home are able to find a warm place to spend the night.

If we all ponder a few moments, I’m sure we can think of  someone we know who would benefit from a friendly checking-in.  It would only take a few minutes, but they will know that someone is thinking of them.  We will benefit far more from reaching out….to reconnect with an old friend, or to make a new one.

Please stay safe and warm.

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