The Anniversary

I look at the picture on the bookshelf:  it is of a young couple on their wedding day.  She is in a short white dress, with a bouquet of pink and burgundy flowers, he is in his Military uniform.  The promise of a wonderful future is written all over their faces.  We see no trace of the two fine boys they will raise, the wonderful places they will live, or the adventures they will have.  Nor do we see the struggles they will face:   their first fight, the first time he has to deploy to a place and she will not know where he is, the illness that will challenge them.  In this picture, this moment, it is a blank canvas.

I have to believe that is why we do not have crystal balls in the real sense.  If someone had placed one in front of this young couple and they had gotten a glimpse of their lives through the years, would they have been able to handle it?  Would they have held each others hand tighter and bravely continued on, or would they have run in opposite directions?  I think if they had been able to see into the future, it would not truly be theirs to own.  It has to be something that they claim only by living it, by waking up each day and taking it on with all they have. 

I look at this young couple of long ago, and I am so proud of them…proud of all that they will be able to withstand through the coming years.  Today they celebrate 30 years of a life together….they are us, and they are so much stronger than they will ever imagine.

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