I hope we’ll get more answers today. I wish they could just look at slides and know exactly what to do. The thought of spending any more time watching him cough his head off makes me so tired. I know it’s 100 times worse for him. Last night he really gave me a scare when his cough suddenly started sounding like his esophagus was slamming shut. Between coughs, he said he was having an epiglottis spasm….it sounded like he was dying. So I stood there, trying to decide if I needed to get something for him to throw up in, or crank up his oxygen and call 911. I hate that helpless feeling, knowing there is absolutely nothing I can do. This can’t get fixed fast enough.

The entire procedure went very smoothly…also unusual for him. I expected for them to come tell me that they found a problem and needed to admit him right away, and when my buzzer sounded earlier than expected, the room began to spin a bit. He even told me in the recovery room that he thought he would open his eyes and be in a hospital room. The other good news is that no tumors were found, and the source seems to be bacterial. It will take at least 24 hours to get some of the results back, and hopefully get him started on a treatment. His pulmonologist said that anything goes as to what it could be. I was just thankful that we could complete a procedure and go home like regular, uncomplicated folks.

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