What’s in a Name?

What’s in a (blog) name?  Apparently, a lot.  There was a lot of thought put into deciding what would best sum up our experiences in a few catchy words, and I spent several days thinking of little else.  I devoted almost as much time to coming up with names for my children….well, not really, but it took a lot of time and analysis to name my newest baby.  Here were just a few of my favorites, and I might add, the darker my mood at the time, the darker, more cynical the name.

sinkorswim:  this was easy and straight to the point….some days meant that we jumped in and moved with the current, dog-paddling like crazy to avoid the undertow.  Just getting through the day and all it’s little emergencies meant that when I fell into bed at night, I couldn’t remember a single thing accomplished.  It has taken a lot of discipline and positive self-talk to realize that just getting through that manic, complicated day WAS the accomplishment.

curveballchronicles:  this was already taken, but it reflects the literal curve ball that  APS has dealt us.  The way the illness manifested itself with symptoms follows the actual pattern of a curveball….the numbness in his foot starting out so subtly, so small and unobtrusive that you wondered if he slept on it wrong, or twisted it and damaged a nerve, or maybe even walked awkwardly and was overcorrecting.  Just small annoyances that did not point to the big picture until POW!!! the ball thundered over home plate, and you realized that the big strike-out was the fact that you didn’t pay more attention to the little annoyances.

shortstrawmemoirs:  this came to me on a dark day, one of those ‘woe is me’ kind of days when I couldn’t lose the fact that we had been dealt a crappy hand in this life.  Years when we could have been enjoying our boys in their final years in the nest have been spent at doctor’s appointments and in Intensive Care Units.  The real take-away is that we were dealt the ultimate hand of commitment as a couple, and as a family, and won the round.

The name I chose sums it up:  Livingamystery portrays us, living a life of uncertainty.  This life, with all it’s mysteries past, present and future is ours:  bad or good, we must search for the lessons we are meant to learn.  May I remember this when times are bad, or not as good as they could be.

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